Get 10% cashback on your electric bills if you pay with FutureCard

We've joined forces with Arcadia to give you 10% cashback on your electricity bill for a whole year and slash your carbon footprint with reliable solar power.

What is Arcadia?

Arcadia provides the easiest and most rewarding way to switch to clean energy. Their community solar program makes the benefits of solar power accessible to anyone with a power bill (in participating states) regardless of whether they can install rooftop solar panels. 

Arcadia works with your existing energy company - there’s no installation, no switching utilities, and no additional cost to participate! All you have to do is create an Arcadia account and connect it with your utility provider.  

The best part? Switching to solar with Arcadia is guaranteed to save you 5-10% on your energy bills each month, on top of the 10% cashback you'll get when you pay with your FutureCard!

Get 10% cashback on your electric bills if you pay with FutureCard


Sign up with Arcadia

Check if community solar is available in your area and sign up with Arcadia to connect your utility and join a solar farm.


Get a $25 discount on your electric bill

When you sign up through Future, Arcadia will take $25 off your next electric bill.


Pay with your FutureCard

Pay your utilities through Arcadia with your FutureCard to get 10% cashback on your electric bills for the next year.

Your combined total savings could be up to 20% on your utility bill if you pay with the FutureCard!

Frequently asked questions

Community solar is a way to support solar energy and save on your power bill without installing your own solar panels. Instead, you join a local solar farm. Your neighbors and area businesses can join, too. These solar farms are often built on unused land, but they can also be in people’s backyards or on community buildings.

Because the panels are housed elsewhere, anyone can join a community solar farm. Compare that to rooftop solar, which is only an option for one-third of US homes.

And nothing changes about how you get your energy. Your same utility company delivers it like normal, so you never have to worry about interruptions in service.

Arcadia's community solar program is currently available to those who live in these states: CO, MN, IL, DE, DC, MD, NJ, NY, MA, RI, ME.


Arcadia partners with solar developers to build projects in these local areas and make it easy for you to enroll in a project through their online platform.

Whether you rent or own your home, you can join a solar farm in your community. It’s solar for everyone, made possible by state legislation.

No - a FutureCard is not required to sign up with Arcadia, and you will still receive $25 off your first bill if you sign up using our link.

To receive 10% on your Arcadia electric bills, though, you must pay using your FutureCard. Sign up for your own FutureCard to maximize your rewards.